26 February 2010

Anyone interested in just a blue suede penny may want to consider this:


24 February 2010

Alden conspirators

This seemed like the best forum for all involved to work through the process of getting 12 adults to agree on making 1 style of shoes.

It strikes me that there are 2 ways to do this.

#1. Democracy. In this iteration we have surveys, discuss, argue and eventually come to a decision or not.

#2. Autocracy: Here, against my better nature, I say I am looking to get this shoe made. Who's in? Sucks doesn't it?

I suggest we start with #1, but first some ground rules and background.

This is our first stab at this. I suspect the road will become rocky before it becomes smooth. It's anticipated the final cost of the shoes will be in the $250 to $400 per pair range. If you're not serious, or if this is unrealistic for you please drop out early. The hopes of many depend upon all. I'd rather be disappointed up front than to find out later we have a slacker.

Let us agree on several things. First we are creating a summer shoe.

Alden, with a 12 pair minimum order will make or customize anything in their catalog for us.

I've got some ideas. If I were king of the forest I say let's get navy blue suede monks. Who's in?
You may have a better idea. What are yours?

Let's begin with the survey.